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Behind the Scenes with John Barrowman

Posted by: Whochick

John Barrowman

First, there was the new Doctor Who. Next came Doctor Who Confidential, the behind the scenes informational show that tells you all sorts of things about different aspects of our favorite show. Not too long afterwards, Totally Doctor Who appeared. Totally Doctor Who was more of a kid-targeted version of Doctor Who Confidential, that I don’t think has ever been shown in the US. They had special guests, ran entertaining contests and competitions, and had special access to the filming of Doctor Who. Their studio was right next door to the Doctor Who studio, as we learned in the second series of the show. That must have come in handy with everyone’s schedule being so tight.

(If you would like to see more of Totally Doctor Who, you might do a search on YouTube. They’ve been known to have an episode or two. I’m just saying…)

In the video I have for you this time, you get to spend some time on the set with Captain Jack Harkness. During the filming of “The Sound of Drums” Totally Doctor Who got to follow John Barrowman around for the day. (Excuse me, but where do I sign up for that job?) He showed off his trailer, did a bit of filming, and chatted with the Totally Doctor Who camera. Neither of the presenters were on the scene as far as I could tell, but it’s a nice little peek into the sorts of things that go on behind the scenes. After the section with John, the video goes on to show the “Sneak Peek” at “Last of the Time Lords.” Enjoy!

Totally Doctor Who
John Barrowman

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