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The Pocket Project: The End of the World

Posted by: Whochick

The Pocket Project

This week on The Pocket Project, we are looking at episode two of series one – The End of the World. What will The Doctor produce from his seemingly endless pockets this time? What will he use the Sonic Screwdriver for? Let’s find out.

The Pocket Project: The End of the World – 1.2

1. The Sonic Screwdriver – Used to: lower the window shields in the gallery they land in, open a few doors, mess with computers, and raise sun filters.

2. Slightly Psychic Paper – Used as an invitation to the event. The first appearance of this new favorite tool of The Doctor’s. Quite handy for crashing parties.

3. The Phone Thingy – With this item, and a bit of jiggery-pokery, Rose’s cell phone becomes the superphone. I imagine that it’s some sort of signal booster. Convenient that it fits in the phone perfectly.

Total items: 3

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