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The Top Ten Questions Which Will Not Be “The Question”…

Posted by: Whochick

The Top Ten Questions Which Will Not Be “The Question”…

Apparently, “when the question is asked The Silence will fall.” Now…what is the question?

Well, we may not know the question, but we know what the question won’t be. So, live from the home office in the Medusa Cascade we bring you:

The Top Ten Questions That Will Not Be Asked:

  1. What? (Or, if you prefer: Como? I’d even go with Why? or Porque!?)
  2. Got milk? (This is obviously a line from Sherlock instead.)
  3. Are you my mummy? (Steven Moffat, but already used…Aaaaah! Don’t let them touch you! *runs away*)
  4. What is the airspeed velocity of an unladen swallow? (If this were the question I would have brought down the Silence single-handed ages back.)
  5. Cake or Death? (…Though I *can* imagine The Doctor saying this. *giggle*)
  6. Who’s your daddy? (River points at Rory. The episode ends.)
  7. Amest I bovveréd, forsooth? (*Tries to imagine Lauren Cooper’s reaction to taking down The Silence.* *fails*)
  8. Like my hat? (Yes, Doctor.)
  9. What’s with that eye patch thing? (That’s just the question I want answered. Sorry.)
  10. Doctor Who? (‘Cause that’s certainly the First Question as far as The Doctor is concerned, but it’s the question we thought of, so…)

What are your suggestions?

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