Doctor and Rose: Farewell

Yes, that’s right, and entire page dedicated to fanfiction. I can’t help it. Fanfic is my not-so-secret vice. Obviously, this means that I have to share my favorites with the world. Are you sitting comfortably?

Then we’ll begin.

  • The Thing ‘Verse by jlrpuck
    Rose is in Pete’s World and never made it back to her home Universe. While working for Torchwood she encounters DI Peter Carlisle (David Tennant played this character in Blackpool.) You can follow their story in order (and also the story of Ruby & Charles) here: The Order of Things I & The Order of Things II. Ratings range up to M.
  • An Alternate Thing by jlrpuck
    In true Sliding Doors style, one change in the history of the Thing ‘Verse gives us not Field Agent Tyler and DI Peter Carlisle, but instead Rose the Vitex Heiress and Professor Peter Carlisle. Read this series at the bottom of The Order of Things II. Ratings range up to M.
  • The Chaosverse by EarlGreyTea68
    The Doctor and Rose travel together and eventually have a family together. Personally, I’m in love with their son Brem. Keep track of the whole saga here: The Chaosverse Chronology. Ratings up to M.
  • The Process of Becoming by Kalleah
    It is true to say that this is an AU about the relationship between The Doctor and Rose, but it is also so very much more. Over the course of the series there are moments like gentle watercolor paintings, questions of belief, a fabulous OC named Jacob, and scenes that are distinctly NSFW. The characters experience fury, sorrow, epiphanies, and even a miracle (depending upon whom you ask.) Keep your eyes open for fireplace gnomes, and read it here.

Stories of One Sort or Another
  • Come Back To Me by Vanderslice
    A most satisfying 10/Rose reunion!fic that has long since been Russelled. I don’t care. Rose and The Doctor get their heart’s desire after all. Read it here. Rating is PG-13ish.
  • Non-Linear Love Story by rallalon
    Let’s just get this part out of the way. This story is NSFW. Its rating is M. Why do I recommend it? Well, quite simply, it’s hot. But that isn’t the only reason. Rallalon has managed to create a story that includes 8/Rose, 9/Rose, and 10/Rose in not quite the order that you’d expect. It’s a mystery and a romance. It’s character study and introspection. It’s hot sex and gentle comforting. As the title says, it’s a non-linear love story. Read it here.

  • Out of Joint by HonorH
    Doctor Who/Firefly crossover featuring 9, Jack, Rose, and the crew of Serenity. “A mysterious incident in the Time Vortex forces the TARDIS to set down on Serenity. Mal finds a few headaches, the Doctor finds a mystery, and River finds someone who speaks her language.” Read it here. Rating…PG-13?

  • Everything I Know About the Earth I Learned from the Sky by Sorrel
    A Psychic!Gwen story that imagines season one of Torchwood ending in rather a different way and “not everything is puppies and roses.” Read it here. Rating? Uh…PG-13?
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