The Pocket Project: Rose

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The Pocket Project

In the Classic series of Doctor Who the Doctor was constantly being told to empty out his pockets. This was especially common in the Fourth Doctor era. When the Doctor would reluctantly comply with the order, the watcher would find any number of strange things that had been lurking in his pockets. If you have been watching the new series, you have undoubtedly noticed that the Doctor still pulls all sorts of things out of his seemingly bottomless pockets. It’s good to know that some things never change. The Doctor likes to be prepared, it would seem, no matter the face that he is wearing at the time.

And this brings me to The Pocket Project. One of the things that I will be doing during our Doctor Who drought is going back through the new series episodes and keeping track of the items our Doctor produces from the depths of his pockets. (Yes, I like making lists. How could you tell?) Along the way, I will also be keeping track of what the Sonic Screwdriver is used for. I shall begin with series one, episode one – Rose.

The Pocket Project: Rose – 1.1

1. The Sonic Screwdriver – used to stop the lift so that the Autons couldn’t follow them, to follow the signal from the plastic arm, to cut off the signal animating the plastic arm, and to lock the back door of the restaurant containing the rampaging Plastic Mickey Body.

2. A Ruddy Great Bomb – used to blow up the relay device on the roof of Rose’s shop.

3. TARDIS Key – Now looking like a normal Yale key.

4. Anti-Plastic – How else are you going to stop a plastic menace?

Total Items: 4

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