Article 84: For Science!

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Article 84: For Science!
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This week we watched Kill the Moon…in which there was some dubious science. And then we ranted about it in podcast form. And that was about it for this article. So, make of that what you will.

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  1. Harvey  October 10, 2014

    It is even more depressing to find out that this was a script years in the making. I assumed it was churned out by middle-schoolers faced with a hard deadline last week. A moment’s worth of effort would have redeemed this episode. Instead of placing it on the Moon, which we need in its place and at its mass and angular momentum for tides and seasons and not dying and stuff, put it on Pluto. Make it topical. It is not a planet, or a dwarf planet or a plutoid. It is an egg. It is on the verge of hatching, and the Doctor declares it unique in the universe so its intent is unknown. Because of the quantum mechanical effects of chaos theory tech tech, how this effects Earth in terms of gravity or flight paths of space debris are too complex to be calcuable. It is a moral decision left to the Doctor and crew alone, because the egg will hatch in the time it would take to send and receive a message back to Earth. All mention of single-celled spider bacteria are burned to ashes in fire, but simple alien creatures make a timely escape in the TARDIS (especially with a child present) difficult. Simple changes requiring little thought make it more interesting, more in line with continuity, and more scientifically credible. It would show care, effort, and discipline – things in short supply lately.

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