Article 70: Only Wanted a Day at the Beach

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Article 70: Only Wanted a Day at the Beach
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Help me out here, if you can. I’m trying to remember if there’s ever been another episode featuring the Doctor playing in the ocean. Anything?

So, we were going to be moving on to a Seventh Doctor episode, but then they released the recovered Second Doctor episodes and…well, you know how I feel about him (and Jamie). And thus, Article 70 is a look at The Enemy of the World. It’s a story featuring a look-alike, a dip in the ocean, and a kick ass female character. Join us and see what we thought!

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  1. Harvey  October 26, 2013

    How small the Whoniverse is. The Abbot of Amboise. Salamander. Maxil. Caecilius. Androids, Tessaracts, Flesh copies, Spoonheads. The Doctor encounters more versions and doublegangers of himself than Superman.

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