Article 69: One Time Lord Too Many

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Article 69: One Time Lord Too Many
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…And we’re back. This time we discuss an episode with three Time Lords in it. I feel sorry for that poor wee town. One Time Lord is bad enough, but three? It’s amazing that the town was still standing when they left.

While you ponder the possible body count for that poor mining town, come join us, and let us know what you think of The Mark of the Rani.

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  1. Raden  March 14, 2014

    Indeed! The more recent BBC noelvs and Big Finish audio dramas have fleshed out Gallifrey in some rather unexpected ways (political intrigue, greater depth and ultimately greater tragedy). But I’ll never forget my image of Gallifrey from all those years ago and particularly due to that quote, a place of wonder as seen through a young Doctor’s eyes well before his first regeneration, and how it would be to travel with such a person, so godlike and yet so very human (well, Gallifreyan, anyways).

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