Article 67: The Fives Episode

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Article 67: The Fives Episode
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We asked for suggestions about what sort of special podcast episode folks might like to hear. We took Harvey’s suggestion…and made it into…this. It’s mostly a top five list, with a spot of bottom five added in. It ended up being a bit longer than expected, but goodness was it fun to record. It turns out that we have rather strong opinions. Hunh.

Give it a listen, and if you have list of your own, feel free to let us know what they are! (Thanks, Harvey.)

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  1. Harvey  August 12, 2013

    Top 5 Doctors -
    5.) 4th Doctor
    4.) 2nd Doctor
    3.) 10th Doctor – I believe David Tennant was the finest actor to portray The Doctor, but he phoned it in if the writing was weak
    2.) 2nd Doctor – He looked like a total poofter, but because of the strength of Pertwee’s performance, Venusian Akido, and Science the 2nd Doctor was total bad@$$.
    1.) 11th Doctor – Matt Smith brings total effort in every scene, infusing scripts with the depth and subtlety of his personality which is just so Doctorly.
    Top 5 Companions ( from a Who fan who generally thinks companions should not be seen or heard)
    5.) Ace
    4.) Leela
    3.) Amy
    2.) Martha
    1.) Rory
    Top 5 episodes (Classic)
    5.) Wargames
    4.) The Talons of Wang-Chiang
    3.) The Three Doctors
    2.) Remembrance of the Daleks
    1.) The Green Death
    Top 5 episodes (Modern)
    5.) The Empty Child / The Doctor Dances
    4.) Midnight
    3.) A Good Man Goes to War
    2.) Human Nature / Family of Blood
    1.) The Girl Who Waited
    Top 5 Crap episodes
    5.) Daleks in Manhattan
    4.) Fear Her
    3.) Love & Monsters
    2.) Rings of Akhaten
    1.) Last of the Time Lords
    Top 5 things I’d like to see:
    5.) What did the Doctor see in his room in God Complex?
    4.) How and WHY did the Silence blow up the TARDIS?
    3 ) The Dream Lord or a character of a species equivalent or higher than Time Lords
    2.) More stories involving manipulation of time. Drr.
    1.) A companion who is an astrophysicist or cosmologist to take advantage of the wonders of space and ground the show in science fiction

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  2. Hart Deer  August 12, 2013

    Top 5 Doctors -
    5.) Colin Baker — The studio beat him down into portraying the Doctor with a look and MO that Baker would never have wanted, but he manned up and sold it. Much credit goes to his struggle off the screen; the way he would advocate and maneuver with JNT and the management to push the series in the right direction and keep some things going for hardcore fans and intelligent viewers while the studio pushed harder and harder for acessible mainstream TV.
    4.) Paul McGann — He carried the very bad writing of the TV movie entirely on the back of his fascinating performance chocked full of baiting the audience into curiosity about him, plus the voice acting on the Big Finish audios is utterly sublime. He conveys real emotion, tension, and clues the audiencei nto the unseen tone of various scenes all with the pacing and tonality of his voice. Underestimated, virtuosic.
    3.) Richard Hurdnall — Why does nobody love this guy? He just takes focus and oozes credibility with his performance. Totally invested. Should have been given more opportunities. Outshines three other Doctors at once through sheer balls out charisma.
    2.) Matt Smith — Incredible actor, a master of nuance and quirk. I also think there’s a high degree of artistic integrity in that he follow two young man, potential heart throb Doctors; but he didn’t play it as cool or attractive at all.
    1.) David Tennant — I personally connect on some primordial subconscious level with the goofy fun loving facade masking the hurt, screaming inner core; and nobody does it better.

    Top 5 Companions
    5.) Mickey — The character actually grew over time. Most of the companions are kind of static. He baited me into disliking him only so he could win me over later with his character development.
    4.) K-9
    3.) Donna Noble — broke the stupid and unnecessary female-romantic-interest thing that had pagued the new series
    2.) Rory — Mickey on crack.
    1.) River Song — if the Doctor is going to have a romantic interest, make her a Timelord, make her as dark and mysterious as the Doctor, break conventions of the young waifish hottie as the stereotypical female lead, and give the role to an absolutely master class actress… Winning!

    Top 5 episodes (Classic)
    5.) The Christmas Special with Rowan Atkinson
    4.) The TV Movie (alllll McGann)
    3.) An Unearthly Child
    2.) The Five Doctors
    1.) The Ribbos Conspiracy

    Top 5 episodes (Modern)
    5.) The Pandorica Opens
    4.) The End of Time (3rd series finale)
    3.) The Girl in the Fireplace
    2.) A Good Man Goes to War
    1.) Silence in the Library

    Top 5 Crap episodes
    5.) Bad Wolf
    4.) Love & Monsters
    3.) Daleks in Manhattan
    2.) Caves of Androzanni
    1.) The Wedding of River Song — most disappointing thing that ever happened in all of television; sabotaged what had been greatness

    Top 5 things I’d like to see:
    5.) What the Doctor saw in his room in The God Complex, so long as it’s not just himself
    4.) The redemption of the Silence
    3 ) The Doctor’s name with a really, really interesting explanation
    2.) River Song in a bikini covered in glistening oil, wrestling another River Song
    1.) The Time War

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