Article 58: Never Walk Away

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Article 58: Never Walk Away
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Well, in The Rings of Akhaten we took a trip to the department of backstory, The Doctor showed his new companion how he deals with problems, and we followed the saga of Page One. In this Article, we discuss our views of the Doctor’s newest adventure, and make mention of a reference to Calliope’s favorite Blade Runner quote. Care to join us?

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  1. Harvey  April 9, 2013

    I despised this episode. To the plotholes Scott pointed out, let me add these. What kind of trading system leads to the destruction of the means of exchange? Why was The Doctor ignorant of themost important aspect of the millenial ritual? Why were all of the enemies so static? And above all, what kind of resolution is it when the infinite potential of a LEAF is more important than the lives of sentient beings? Too many things happened just because and there was a lot of schmaltz and handwaving to distract from a poorly paced, boring, nonsensical episode where too much was told and not enough shown.

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