Article 53: The Rise of Soufflé Girl

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Article 53: The Rise of Soufflé Girl
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Another year, another Doctor Who Christmas special to discuss! And what a special this time around, eh? The once and future Soufflé Girl! Madame Vastra and crew! Killer Snowmen! And even The Doctor lurking on his cloud. What did you think?

Are you sitting comfortably? Yes? Then, let’s get to it!

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  1. Harvey  December 31, 2012

    You guys are being overly generous. Mr. TARDIS had an excellent review and I won’t step on his toes, but I would like to contribute one idea. Stephen Moffat was a good writer who doesn’t write good anymore. The Doctor should have offered the TARDIS key to Clara, henceforth called RorySong because she just replaces and combines two Moffat creations, after deducing that she was Oswin. Since he had already witnessed and felt the pain of her death, she could be his companion without it feeling forced and The Doctor not being burdened by melancholy. All Moffat had to do was nothing, but instead he undermines his own plot and characterization to add another mystery to a show overloaded with unresolved plot points.

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  2. Dr. Geek  January 3, 2013

    I know how you feel. It is possible that Moffatt has bitten off more than he can chew, with Sherlock and Doctor Who at the same time. The impossible companion story line could devolve into a rehash of the Rory and River stories but at least JLC seems like a good actress so I am willing to see what she does with it.

    If nothing else, this was a mutch better Christmas special than last year.

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