Article 48: Cubed

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Article 48: Cubed
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And now we’ve reached The Power of Three, or as I shall henceforth refer to it…the one with Brian Cox.

At one point in the podcast, we mention that this episode is by Chris Chibnall. Here’s a list of his Who/Torchwood work (according to the IMDB) for you to review while you’re getting ready to listen to our discussion:

Doctor Who:
– The Power of Three (2012)
– Dinosaurs on a Spaceship (2012)
– Cold Blood (2010)
– The Hungry Earth (2010)
– 42 (2007)

– Exit Wounds (2008)
– Fragments (2008)
– Adrift (2008)
– Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang (2008)
– End of Days (2007)
- Countrycide (2006)
- Cyberwoman (2006)
- Day One (2006)

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