Article 39: The Doctor – Animated and Annoyed

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Article 39: The Doctor – Animated and Annoyed
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And lo, into the Doctor-less wasteland (a.k.a. late 2003) came the animated attempt to do a Doctor Who reboot. Scream of the Shalka was written by Paul Cornell (writer of Father’s Day, my favorite 9th Doctor episode, among others), Sir Derek Jacobi was on board as The Master (later to reappear in the same role in the 10th Doctor episode, Utopia), Richard E. Grant provided the voice of “The Ninth Doctor” (after playing one of the versions of the Doctor in 1999′s Curse of Fatal Death), and Sophie Okonedo played the Companion-to-be: Alison Cheney (and later she played Liz X with the 11th Doctor.)

Quite the coming together of talent, eh?

So, listen to our opinions on the topic, then tell us what you thought of this animated episode.

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