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Recently (as in, in the current podcast) we had the opportunity to interview Travis Richey (a.k.a. Inspector Spacetime). Haven’t heard of Inspector Spacetime? Well, let us put you wise.

To begin with, you might want to watch this video of the Doctor Who spoof “Inspector Spacetime.” as it appeared on Community.
Then, check out this post on Infovore.
Next, you might check out this page on TV Tropes.
And finally, you might be interested in the Inspector Spacetime Confessions Tumblr.

All done? Cool. Now you can watch the Inspector Spacetime panel from this year’s Gally (and listen to Scott laugh…and watch the back of his head a lot. You briefly see the back of Calliope’s head, too.)

Inspector Spacetime Panel
At Gallifrey One 2012

Yet more info:
Our Podcast Interview with Travis Richey: Article 38
Support The Webseries: The Kickstarter Campaign
Travis’ YouTube Channel 1: Sivartis
Travis’ YouTube Channel 2: Travis Richey

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