Article 35: Welcome to Time Lord Fest

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Article 35: Welcome to Time Lord Fest
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So, did you go to Time Lord Fest in Tampa, FL? If so, did you say Hi to Scott and Debbie? Don’t worry if you didn’t make it. Scott was kind enough to record most of it for you. Rather than post one podcast of three hours and thirty-three minutes in length (seriously), we’re breaking it into several bits. This podcast covers the first event of the evening – Welcome to Time Lord Fest Tampa/Season 6 in Review, featuring Scott & Debbie Viguié, Ken Spivey, Jeffrey Breslauer, and John Reid Adams. We hope that you enjoy the discussion!

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Whochick is a huge Doctor Who fan. She loves the show so much that she not only co-authors a blog on the topic, but also a podcast that you should listen to. Whochick resides in California with her husband (the Shadow Architect), and occasionally refers to herself in the third person.


  1. Kevin Karstens  February 11, 2012

    …Could you please post a schedule (if you have one) for when the other installments in this series will be posted? In particular, I would love to hear Christian Basel speaking about Doctor Stew…I heard it was quite funny…;)

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  2. Whochick  February 11, 2012

    Well…this was the schedule of events:

    5:00-5:30pm – Welcome to Time Lord Fest Tampa/Season 6 in Review
    5:30-5:50pm – Richard Livingston: concept artist from Battlestar Galactica
    5:50-6:30pm – Love is a Battlefield: Romantic Relationships in Doctor Who
    6:30-6:45pm – Wicked, Crusade, and the Worlds of Debbie Viguie
    6:45-7:30pm – Trivia of Rassilon – Doctor Who Trivia!
    7:30-8:00pm – Independent Author’s Panel
    8:00-9:00pm – Ken Spivey Band: Celtic Doctor Who Rock
    9:00-9:30pm – Doctor Sketchy Anti-Art School
    9:30-10:15pm – The Last Great Time War: Russel T Davies vs Steven Moffat
    10:15-10:45pm – Doctor Who Fan Film Panel
    10:45-11:00pm – The Grand Finale Costume Contest

    (there were a few things not recorded) I’m not sure which one he’s in, but I can tell you that he was interviewed in Article 19.1 as well, if you haven’t heard that yet. As for when things are being posted…as fast as I can? They should all be done by Thursday, as that’s when we’re going to Gallifrey One.

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