Earth Station One: Episode 94

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Earth Station One - Podcast #94

This time around Calliope guested on the ESO podcast without Scott…but only because he was on a boat at the time. Details. The topic this time around is Crossovers in TV, Films, books, comics…pretty much anything, really. As a special treat, if you make it all the way to the end of the podcast, you can listen to the bloopers. These include when Calliope’s computer decided to freak out and make her sound like a Dalek. Well, maybe a Dalek swearing in Kaled…

Why not pop over and download Earth Station One: Episode 94 and listen to the discussion. Also, if you have a favorite crossover, you should comment and let them know.

Table of Contents

0:00:00 – Intro / Welcome
0:03:13 – Rants & Raves
0:28:33 – Crossovers
1:32:57 – Khan Report featuring Marc Ballard
1:58:43 – Shout Outs
2:04:21 – Show Close

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