Earth Station One: Episode 88

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Earth Station One - Podcast #88

Once again Scott and Calliope prove that they like talking about Doctor Who a bit too much by guesting upon the Earth Station One podcast to talk about the last Fifth Doctor story – Caves of Androzani. Okay, really, they’d guest on the ESO podcast for any reason, as it’s always a good time, but this time…Classic Who. As you can see below, neither of them had to deal with the Geek Seat this time, as they’ve already done it. So there.

Why not pop over and download Earth Station One: Episode 88 and listen to the discussion. Also, if you have a geek gift to add to the list, be sure to let them know.

Table of Contents

0:00:00 – Intro / Welcome
0:05:07 – Rants & Raves
0:29:27 – The Walking Dead Mid Season Final
0:53:00 – Doctor Who The Caves of Androzani
1:29:44 – 2nd Annual Geek Gift Holiday Guide
2:06:10 – Khan Report
2:19:27 – Shout Outs
2:27:06 – Show Close

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