Doctor Who: The Fifth Doctor – The State of the Episodes

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Doctor Who: The Fifth Doctor – The State of the Episodes

Well, it looks like almost all of the Fifth Doctor episodes are easily accessible, though one is already out of print? Anyway, here’s what I have on the Fifth Doctor’s episodes:

The Fifth Doctor (Peter Davison 1982-1984)

NoEpisode TitleSeasonOn DVD?Reviewed?
117Castrovalva19On DVD
118Four To Doomsday19On DVD
119Kinda19On DVD
120The Visitation19On DVD
121Black Orchid19On DVD
122Earthshock19On DVD
123Time-Flight19On DVD
124Arc of Infinity20On DVD
125Snakedance20On DVD
126Mawdryn Undead20On DVD
127Terminus20On DVD
128Enlightenment20On DVD
129The King’s Demons20On DVD
130The Five Doctors20On DVD
131Warriors of the Deep21On DVD
132The Awakening21On DVD
133Frontios21On DVD
134Resurrection of the Daleks21DVD Out of Print?
135Planet of Fire21On DVDPodcast
136The Caves of Androzani21On DVDPodcast
Series Information
  • Season Nineteen – 1982
  • Season Twenty – 1983
  • Season Twenty One – 1984
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