Sylvester McCoy Reads From “The Pandorica Opens”

Posted by: Whochick

If you’ve been listening to Dr. Geek’s reports from Dragon*Con 2011, you may have heard about a certain event that he missed out on, as he had to be somewhere else. So, with thanks to Peter for sending me the link, I offer you Sylvester McCoy Reads From “The Pandorica Opens”:

From Dragon*Con 2011
Sylvester McCoy Reads From "The Pandorica Opens"

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  1. The_Vig  September 7, 2011

    I am so glad to have finally seen this. It just shows how 7th would do just fine in the modern era.

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  2. Whochick  September 7, 2011

    Can you imagine a 7 and 11 crossover? :)

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