Article 23: Making a House Call

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Article 23: Making a House Call
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The Doctor makes a rare house call in Night Terrors. Did you watch from behind the sofa? I didn’t, but it was a near thing. Mark Gatiss is skilled in the ways of the scary, yes?

Oh, and have I mentioned that dolls are creepy? Well, listen to the podcast and you can hear me say that any number of times.

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  1. Harvey  September 16, 2011

    Fanboy speculation. I think that the Doctor that was with them this episode was the Flesh Doctor. Near the end of the episode, the Doctor remarked how nice it was that they were all there “in the flesh.” Since Amy had recently been petrified, the sentence takes on a double meaning. I think that the ultimate “reveal” for this season will be that the thing seen in the attic in “The Lodger” and again in “The Impossible Astronaut” was really a proto-TARDIS to explain the travels of the original Doctor.

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