Doctor Who: The Third Doctor – The State of the Episodes

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Doctor Who: The Third Doctor – The State of the Episodes

Well, it looks like things are looking up once we reach the time of the Third Doctor. All of his episodes seem to exist, though a few of them have yet to appear on DVD. (For the record, a couple of the DVDs seem to be out of print, but still out there to be purchased. …And if you still have a VCR you might even be able to get the videotapes of the non-DVD titles.)

The Third Doctor (Jon Pertwee 1970-1974)

NoEpisode TitleSeasonOn DVD?Reviewed?
51Spearhead from Space7On DVD
52Doctor Who and The Silurians7On DVD
53The Ambassadors of Death7(Was on video)
54Inferno7On DVD
55Terror of the Autons8On DVD
56The Mind of Evil8(Was on video)
57The Claws of Axos8On DVD
58Colony In Space8(Was on video)
59The Daemons8(Was on video)
60Day of the Daleks9On DVD
61The Curse of Peladon9On DVD
62The Sea Devils9On DVD
63The Mutants9On DVD
64The Time Monster9On DVD
65The Three Doctors10On DVD
66Carnival of Monsters10On DVD
67Frontier In Space10On DVD
68Planet of the Daleks10On DVD
69The Green Death10On DVD
70The Time Warrior11on DVD
71Invasion of the Dinosaurs11(Was on video)
72Death to the Daleks11(Was on video)
73The Monster of Peladon11On DVD
74Planet of the Spiders11On DVD
Series Information
  • Season Seven – 1970
  • Season Eight – 1971
  • Season Nine – 1972
  • Season Ten – 1972-73
  • Season Eleven – 1973-74
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