Doctor Who: The Fourth Doctor – The State of the Episodes

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Doctor Who: The Fourth Doctor – The State of the Episodes

Well, it looks like most of the Fourth Doctor episodes are easily accessible. …But wouldn’t it be cool if they animated Shada?

The Fourth Doctor (Tom Baker 1974 – 1981)

NoEpisode TitleSeasonOn DVD?Reviewed?
75Robot12On DVD
76The Ark in Space12On DVD
77The Sontaran Experiment12On DVD
78Genesis of the Daleks12On DVD
79Revenge of the Cybermen12On DVD
80Terror of the Zygons13(Was on video)
81Planet of Evil13On DVD
82Pyramids of Mars13On DVD
83The Android Invasion13(Was on video)
84The Brain of Morbius13On DVD
85The Seeds of Doom13On DVD
86The Masque of Mandragora14On DVD
87The Hand of Fear14On DVD
88The Deadly Assassin14On DVD
89The Face of Evil14(Was on video)
90The Robots of Death14On DVD
91The Talons of Weng-Chiang14On DVD
92Horror of Fang Rock15On DVD
93The Invisible Enemy15On DVD
94Image of the Fendahl15On DVD
95The Sun Makers15On DVD
96Underworld15On DVD
97The Invasion of Time15On DVD
98The Ribos Operation16On DVD
99The Pirate Planet16On DVD
100The Stones of Blood16On DVD
101The Androids of Tara16On DVD
102The Power of Kroll16On DVD
103The Armageddon Factor16On DVD
104Destiny of the Daleks17On DVD
105City of Death17On DVD
106The Creature from the Pit17On DVD
107Nightmare of Eden17(Was on video)
108The Horns of Nimon17On DVD
109Shada17(Was on video)
110The Leisure Hive18On DVD
111Meglos18On DVD
112Full Circle18On DVD
113State of Decay18On DVD
114Warriors’ Gate18On DVD
115The Keeper of Traken18On DVD
116Logopolis18On DVD
Series Information
  • Season Twelve – 1974-75
  • Season Thirteen – 1975-76
  • Season Fourteen – 1976-77
  • Season Fifteen – 1977-78
  • Season Sixteen – 1978-79
  • Season Seventeen – 1979-80
  • Season Eighteen – 1980-81
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