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Okay, I know that technically this isn’t Who-related…but as it has some of the Who folk cast in it, I thought I’d post it anyway. It’s the first Hobbit vlog. (And for those Sherlock fans out there, you can play Spot Martin Freeman.)

Bilbo Le Hobbit
Première vidéo Tournage HD

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  1. Arty Annie  April 18, 2011

    “We can stick a fan up your robe for air conditioning”… lol @ Gandalf: “Promises, promises”… :D
    I loved this video! Thank you for posting it – now I’m really excited to see the finished result ;D

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  2. Dr. Geek  April 18, 2011

    Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!! As you said, given the Who actors involved, I think we should make sure all of the Hobbit news is carried here.

    Wow, just hearing the music, and seeing the sets, and of course the narration at the emd made a better movie than most of the films I have seen this year.

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  3. Debbie  April 18, 2011

    So cool!! So wish I was there to see it all being filmed. Can’t way for the next vlog!

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