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It is hard to come up with a simple tribute to Elisabeth Sladen. Her most famous character of Sarah Jane Smith meant so much to many different parts of Who fandom. As most know, Sarah Jame started with the 3rd Doctor, and stayed for quite a while with the 4th Doctor. In fact, it is my opinion that in some ways the relationship she had with The Doctor was the template upon which RTD used to create Rose. Sure everyone talks about the love The Doctor had for Rose, or that Martha had for The Doctor, but you can see the beginnings of all that with Sarah Jane and The Doctor.

I was so glad to see Sarah Jane show up in School Reunion. It was at that point that to me, New Who became just Who. It is a shame that Elisabeth Sladen’s own series took so long to develop. While I enjoyed The Sarah Jane Adventures, it was not till recently that I thought the stories were developing to a level of sophistication worthy of her character and Elisabeth Sladen’s talents.

This actress and her popular character will be missed. According to Doctor Who Magazine, the BBC has confirmed that there will be a dedication to Elisabeth Sladen at the start of Saturday’s new episode of Doctor Who. Also, there will be a 15-minute programme ‘My Sarah Jane: A Tribute to Elisabeth Sladen’ at 18:45 on CBBC on Saturday, after Doctor Who.

Here are some fan tributes from around the net. What is your favorite memories of Sarah Jane Smith?

Elisabeth Sladen Has Died
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