Death And Costumes

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Let the speculation begin!

As this article states, Steven Moffat has said one of the series four major leads will die this season. But what is that you say, “But Doctor Geek, death in sci-fi is not the handicap it use to be, after all Rory died twice last year and went on to do really well.” I agree. One way this could go down, is let’s say, The Doctor is affected by something that will eventually kill him and the rest of the series is spent fighting the clock. This kinda makes sense given the few lines in the trailers, where The Doctor must trust the others without question and he acknowledges his life is in Amy’s hands. Or they could be dealing with a real death, one where the great reset button will not be pushed.

I doubt it would be The Doctor. Matt Smith is doing so well, and given the heck everyone goes through when casting the role, I doubt The BBC wants to go through that anytime soon. We have all seen River’s death, but as this series states often enough, time can be rewritten. It would be tragic if The Doctor looses her before their history is to really take off. It might be Rory or Amy but somehow I doubt it. If Amy lost Rory and remembered it this time, I think she would end her travels with The Doctor. To kill Rory would mean loosing both companions and I do not think that will happen yet.

What do you think?

Also, I just came across this wonderful new product line form Forbidden Planet. Doctor Who T-shirt Costumes. Take a look. They have a version for 4th Doctor to 7th Doctor. This would have been perfect for those long hot days at the convention but you still wanted to dress up. Neat no?

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  1. Debbie  April 9, 2011

    I’m anxious about this, but I love seeing the new trailer!!!

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