Day 20: Review of Daleks in Manhattan (10th Doctor)

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Day 20: Review of Daleks in Manhattan (10th Doctor)
Daleks in Manhattan - Episode 3.4

Daleks in Manhattan is part one of a two. The title itself could be considered a spoiler, really, as it tells you where the episode takes place and who the baddies are. I wont say too much more here except that I enjoyed the variety of American accents that they came up with, and did you know that the guy who plays Solomon was in the first Highlander film? Right then, on to the review!

Episode: Daleks in Manhattan by Helen Raynor
Rating (1 to 5): 3
Time: November 1, 1930
Place: Manhattan (New York)
Baddie: Daleks, Mr. Diagoras
The Doctor’s Death Wish: He tries to send Martha and Frank away with Solomon so that he can go on alone in the tunnels.
The Doctor enjoys: The cold Atlantic breeze.
The Doctor dislikes: Daleks and their tendency to survive.
The Doctor apologizes to: a pig slave in the tunnels
Rose? Is she the Everything that The Doctor lost this time around?
Who fancies Martha? Frank
Doctor-y Strangeness: He picks up a glowing ting that they find in the sewers…and sniffs it. And then apparently puts it in his pocket. Then he rigs up a crude DNA scanner from stuff that he finds backstage.
Scary Stuff: Humanoid attack pigs!
Does someone local help out? Solomon, Frank, Tallulah, and Laszlo.
What we learn: The Empire State Building wasn’t quite done in November of 1930. After the Wall Street crash, folks with nowhere else to go, created a Hooverville in Central Park. The Daleks are behind the construction of The Empire State building in some way. Dalekanium is attached to the mast at the top of the building. Dalek Sec is the leader of the Cult of Skaro. The thing that The Doctor found in the tunnels was artificially created. Fundamental DNA type 467-989 originates from Skaro. Frank and Martha have “Superior Intelligence.” Dalek Sec has decided the the Daleks need to evolve.
My Favorite Bits: The Opening music/The showgirls outfits. Puttin’ on the Ritz. The way that the light on the elevator is the same height as the Dalek eye-stalk. Tallulah’s accent. “He’s into musical theater, huh?” The whole Busby Berkeley-esque dance routine. The Doctor realizing that the thing he found is genetically from Skaro. “They always survive when I lose everything.” “Yeah, well, you can kiss me later. You too Frank. If you want.”

Observations and musings:

Martha’s travels continue this week with a trip to 1930s New York. Wouldn’t you know it? This nice little trip to the past includes a visit to a Hooverville and Daleks. Luckily, Martha has been told about them (perhaps The Doctor is learning from past mistakes?) A young fella by the name of Frank seems to have taken a shine to her. Now, hopefully she’ll survive her encounter with those Daleks.

Once again The Doctor finds himself facing his oldest enemy, and he is not happy about this. “They always survive when I lose everything.” He turns a little Dark!Doctor there for a bit. He starts out curious about the missing people problem (not light-hearted curious, but curious nonetheless), but once he discovers that there are Daleks involved…he takes it kind of personally. Actually, from the moment that he realizes that the thing he found in the tunnel is genetically from Skaro…well, he doesn’t go as dark as he did back in “Dalek,” but… Yeah.

I love Tallulah (three “L”s and an “H.”) Um…does anyone else think that The Doctor could give The Professor from Gilligan’s Island a run for his money? You might say that Dalek Sec is thinking outside of the…pepper pot. I like Frank, and I hope that he survives. Poor Laszlo. What kind of future can he have with his showgirl now? The new Dalek Sec is a bit…weird looking, yeah? This episode is mostly designed to set up the next episode… Just wait and see, my friends.

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