Gallifrey One on The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson

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Here is something to tide you over till Series 6 starts later this year.
Last night, on The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson, Chris Hardwick presented his adventure at Gallifrey One. You know, I really need to attend next year’s Gallifrey One.

Gallifrey One on Craig Ferguson
28th February 2011

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  1. Erik  March 1, 2011

    Yes, yes you do. :-)

    I didn’t see Calliope or myself among the people there, but did see some of my other friends among the Movellans and Frobisher.

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  2. Dr. Geek  March 1, 2011

    Frobisher, now that is cool. The Amy with a stone hand was an excellent hall costume.

    Glad to see the 7th Doctor was represented. From the video we can see some 5th, 7th, 10th and 11th. There was that one 3rd doctor bit, but was there anyone dressed as the other Doctors? I think I saw a 8th Doctor but I am not sure.

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  3. Erik  March 2, 2011

    You can see Frobisher standing behind Shaun, the convention director, at the 3:30 mark. The funny thing about her is the previous day she was “Vincent & the Doctor” Amy and was even called out from the stage as being the only one there that was the same build as Amy (tall & model-like) which made her being a giant penguin the following day really funny to me.

    All the Doctors were present and accounted for, even the Peter Cushing version! (you can see him sitting in the background at the 3:15 mark) I myself was both the 4th and 11th. There were also quite a few Femme Doctors, the best of which were the absolutly fantastic 6th and 8th versions. Those women are incredibly talented. And, since I complained about the usual the lack of Romana 1, I saw four of those among all the other companions running about (some of which just made me laugh in their randomness, like “Five Doctors” Zoe), up to and including ones specific to the Big Finish audios! Oh, and the Liz 10, complete with porcelain mask, was also very impressive. Basically just a really good year for costuming.

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  4. Dr. Geek  March 2, 2011

    Which version of the 4th Doctor costume did you do? (Grey coat or Red coat)
    I think Caliope needs to have a 2nd Romana costume. I know she has been wanting the pink coat for a long time.

    I have a 7th Doctor costume, but I should update it to reflect the 8th Doctor moive. Then again it would basically be the 11th Doctor’s costume but with an aditional waist coat rather than braces and a traditional tie rather than a bowtie.

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  5. Erik  March 4, 2011

    I was going for more the “Key to Time” era 4th Doctor. Maybe someday I’ll reach that goal.

    Calliope soooo needs a 2nd Romana costume. I really wish I could just magically make one appear. We did sit in on a “costuming for companions” panel and she took notes, so maybe…

    Sounds like you’re already set for next year, tee hee.

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