Day…??? 28?: Random Links and Such

Posted by: Whochick

Stand by for a Linkapalooza:

  • Are you familiar with Teefury? They offer a t-shirt design for one day only, and have a new design each day. Often they are fandom-related, as is the case currently. You might wish to pop by and take a look periodically.
  • Mars has been experiencing some erosion. Doctor? Don’t you think it’s best to leave Mars alone at this point?
  • Do you remember those casting rumors that had David Tennant playing a part in The Hobbit? Well, while I think it’s currently unlikely as he’s doing a play with Catherine Tate…the IMDB still has the rumor listed. So…who knows?
  • Everything you need to know about Doctor Who on a single page, you can see here.
  • Blastr brings us a TARDIS infographic here. (I wish I could draw…)
  • And, finally, just in case you’re as behind on Torchwood news as I am, check out some set photos here and here.
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