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Today I thought I would deviate from the strictly Doctor Who related articles to give a brief mention to Torchwood. Having followed Torchwood since its origins in New Who’s second series, I am looking forward to the new series and I bet you are too.

As most of you know, after the success of Torchwood: Children of Earth, it was decided that there would be a 4th series of Torchwood, but this time it would be produced in part by the Starz network in the United States. Originally, this new series was subtitled The New World. From the initial chatter it appeared that Torchwood would be getting a bit of a fresh start. Not exactly a reboot, but with the Starz network’s involvement and the American cast members, it appeared as if Torchwood was being primed to relaunch. Well, that may or may not be true. I have not heard what the Starz network’s commitment is, whether they planed for a series 5 or 6, but RTD has recently addressed some aspects of the new series which suggest the goal of the new series is possibly a bit more low key.

RTD has recently said that due to the success of Children of Earth, Torchwood would never again return to the “monster of the week” format. So far so good right?, who does not love a tightly written story arc? The problem as I see it, is the new series was renamed Miracle Day. Unlike The New World, which suggests the rebirth of the series in a more international stage, This change, to me, narrows the scope of the new series to just the specific story of the new 10 episode mini series. Its less like Star Trek : The Next Generation and more like the titles for the TNG movies, i.e. Star Trek: Nemesis. Rather than getting a relaunch with the hope of a multi-series commitment, we have instead been given one more chance for the show to prove itself.

What do you think? Am I reading too much into the title change?

If you want some spoilers for the new series, read this article where RTD addresses the premise of the series.

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