Review of Army of Ghosts (10th Doctor)

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Review of Army of Ghosts (10th Doctor)
Army of Ghosts - Episode 2.12

Russell T. Davies himself wrote this episode. It’s fabulous. It’s equal parts silly, scary, and thought provoking. It’s also part one of two. So, let’s get to the discussion, shall we?

Episode: Army of Ghosts by Russell T. Davies
Rating (1 to 5): 4.9
Baddie: Cybermen & Daleks! (and Torchwood a bit. Idiots.)
Rose is trapped: in the TARDIS for a bit (sort of). She is then stuck in the room with the Sphere.
The Doctor is trapped: in Torchwood. He’s a prisoner.
The Doctor enjoys: the phrase “Allons-y Alonzo”
The Doctor dislikes: the idea of the dead members of our families coming home.
Doctor-y Strangeness: The Ghostbusters bit…and his joy of “Allons-y Alonzo.”
Scary Stuff: Cybermen invading everywhere. The cyber ear things. Daleks!
Does someone local help out? Does Mickey count? He used to be local.
What we learn: Void Ships are made to exist outside of time and space. The void is the space between the parallel universes. The Time Lords called it The Void. The Eternals called the void “The Howling.” Some people call The Void: “Hell.” The Psychic Paper can work like one of those beepy security cards. Torchwood Tower is in Canary Wharf, which was built to reach the spacial disturbance.
My Favorite Bits: The Doctor referencing “Ghostbusters.” Jackie’s conversation with Rose about how much she’s changed. The Doctor’s love of “Allons-y.” “They can shoot me dead, but the moral high ground is mine.” The Doctor’s visual aid to the cracks in Spacetime.

Observations and musings:

Rose begins this episode as a narrator. She says that this is the story of how she died. One of the interesting bits from the beginning is an image of Rose and The Doctor just standing on an alien planet. The Doctor asks Rose how long she will stay with him, and she replies “Forever.” It reminds me of their uncomfortable conversation from “School Reunion” when Rose wants to know if The Doctor will leave her behind one day. He indicates that he never will. Mind you, he has already tried to send her home once for her own safety. Look how well that turned out. Rose just turned around and killed all of the Daleks. At least we know that he wants her to stay. Jackie tells Rose how much she has changed. She has a point. Just look at how much Rose has evolved since episode one. How much more could she change if given the chance? We also see exactly how Rose feels about The Doctor (if we didn’t know already.) She knows that The Doctor will never settle down, so neither will she. She continues to prove her ability to work independently when she is left alone with the TARDIS. She takes the psychic paper and a lab coat, and goes to find The Doctor. She would have been fine if the guy that she encountered hadn’t had some psychic training. Nice for her morale that Mickey is there with a big gun. Shame that she has to deal with Daleks again, though.

The Doctor starts this episode by being hugged and kissed by Rose’s Mum, much to his dismay. The Ghosts worry him. So, he goes off and gets some stuff together…referencing Ghostbusters as he does. Jackie complains that he reduces everything to science. She has a point there. Look how he reacted to something beyond his ken in “The Satan Pit.” He made the whole thing as scientific as possible and ignored the rest. His stunt with the cones doesn’t go unnoticed. I wonder where he keeps the backpack. Nice 3-D glasses there. When they arrive at Torchwood, The Doctor must now deal with people who know who he is and keeping Rose and her mother safe. He seems more willing to endanger Jackie than he is Rose. I love the fact that Yvonne was warned that The Doctor likes to make a mess. If you think about it, it’s so true. We have another case of The Doctor apologizing to someone in this episode. He tells Adiola he’s sorry before he shuts down her cyber-conversion. (Those ear things totally freak me out.) Well, he tried to warn them, and now it’s too late.

Okay, Yvonne makes me crazy. She doesn’t want to listen to The Doctor’s advice, even when he dumbs it down for her. This is also the episode that makes me not want to wear those telephone headsets. Freaky! If you have watched any episodes of Torchwood, some of the theme music will sound familiar. I swear that it sounds quite like the theme music from Torchwood. I was amused to see that guy from “Cash in the Attic” on the Ghostwatch show. I must admit that when a Cyberman killed him I laughed. Does that make me a bad person? Oh, and they’ve elected a Ghost as MP for Leeds? Who ran that campaign? I love The Doctor’s love of words. Allons-y, indeed. Mickey’s back, and he’s ready to fight the Cybermen. Too bad he gets Daleks instead.

Okay, so Cybermen invade and Daleks come out of the Sphere. We’re doomed! (Psst! Happy Holidays!)

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