No Doctor Who – Sherlock Crossover

Posted by: Dr. Geek

The Grand Moffat has spoken, according to this article, even though the fans of both shows have been asking for it, there will be no crossover between the two very popular shows, Doctor Who and Sherlock.

The Reason? Well see, this is where I think Mr. Moffat’s logic starts to fall apart. It is not because the two main characters are so similar that you would have a hard time finding a problem one could not solve on his own, no it is because if Sherlock lived in the same Universe as The Doctor, you would have to admit that time travel is possible and the Daleks have invaded the Earth. Apparently Moffat believes a Sherlock story cannot exist in a world where Time Travel is possible. Guess the Whoniverse is just too timey-Wimey for Sherlock.

A good crossover story would be extremely hard to write, especially if the sci-fi elements were kept at a minimum. But I believe it could be done. Maybe that is what Moffat is really saying, at least modernly, a typical Doctor Who story is anything but subtle. Do you agree?

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Dr. Geek holds two doctorate degrees and is an archaeologist and an attorney who has done extensive research on myths and their impact on modern archaeology and modern storytelling. He appreciates the history and mythology woven together in the Doctor Who shows.


  1. Trivial  December 27, 2010

    I think part of the problem is that if time travel is possible and aliens exist, then a lot of Holmes’ logic just falls apart because there’s too many unknown factors to take into account. So many of his mysteries would be near-impossible to solve with the addition of nothing more than a single transmat, and his encyclopedic knowledge of the world, which he regularly relies on, would suddenly be revealed to have huge gaps in it.

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  2. Dr. Geek  December 27, 2010

    I guess so, but who is to say that Holmes would not eventually fill those gaps?

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