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Whochick beat me to it. That Blastr article was going to be my post for today. Well hopefully a lot of you have had a chance to read that article. In the article it was revealed that RTD will address the regeneration limit in an upcoming SJA episode.

Okay, so given how the new show is not a reboot of Doctor Who but a continuation, I wonder what kind of retconing will be going on? What do you think RTD will come up with?

For my money I think it will be something simple. I think the limit was imposed by The Time Lords, and now that The Doctor is all alone, more or less, (Oh come on, who believes The Master is gone for good :) ) he can keep on regenerating as needed. After all in the episode THE FIVE DOCTORS, it is stated The Master, who had used up all his natural regeneration cycle, would be granted a new full cycle if he promised to help The Doctors in that episode. So from this we know the 12 regeneration limit can be overcome. Finally in the new series it is mentioned that during the Time War the Time Lords were resurrecting Time Lords. So apparently death is not the handicap it use to be :)

The only problem with the unlimited regeneration idea is that it lacks drama. What would the episode Mawdryn Undead been like if The Doctor knew he could just continue to regenerate?

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  1. Erik  October 6, 2010

    Not to mention the Master keeps finding ways to regenrate even without the help of the Time Lords. Did we ever find out how he regenerated from Eric roberts to Derek Jacobi?

    ANd, yes, I’m still bitter we only got 2 minutes of Jacobi-Mastery-goodness.

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  2. Dr. Geek  October 6, 2010

    No not definitevly, however it is in that episode that we learn The Time Lords are resurrecting people for the war effort, so perhaps it happened then???

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  3. Alan (TimeGate)  October 6, 2010

    While this isn’t an ‘in story’ explanation, the bottom line is that if the show is still successful when the time comes, the show will not cease production just because some bloke in the 70s decided that Timelords have 13 lives. In addition to running TimeGate, I’m also on the British Media Track at Dragon*Con and that question comes up every single year without fail. :)

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  4. Dr. Geek  October 6, 2010

    Agreed, the show is not going to stop because noone thought the show would need a larger number. Once it is solved, I wonder what people will talk about …. Probably how they like their own theory better :)

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