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No it is not that crazy American production that keeps being rumored about every few years. According to this article, the current production team is actually going to be filming in the United States!

Okay so this big news, because although Doctor Who stories have very rarely been set in the USA, with the exception of the BBC-FOX 8th Doctor Telemovie, the production has never filmed here. For me, the big question is not why did it take so long, but why Utah? I guess one answer is after filming in every gravel pit in the UK, they needed someplace that could stand in for an alien planet, and the Salt Lake could do that, but I think there is something special about Utah. After all, the new series episode “Dalek” took place in Utah.

What do you think? Why of all the locations did they pick Utah?

As a bonus question – besides the 8th Doctor Telemovie which USA locations were seen or at least teased to be seen in both Classic and New Doctor Who?

Extra bonus question – which city was “The Two Doctors” originally set?

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Dr. Geek holds two doctorate degrees and is an archaeologist and an attorney who has done extensive research on myths and their impact on modern archaeology and modern storytelling. He appreciates the history and mythology woven together in the Doctor Who shows.


  1. Erik  October 15, 2010

    Extra bonus question answer – New Orleans!!

    Also, there was Daleks in Manhattan that for some reason decided to film the whole thing in a sewer and The Chase also set up shop briefly in New York. I’m sure there are others but my sleep deprived brain is not helping me right now.

    All I can figure with Utah is it must be relaetd to an Area 51 type thing. That, or the Brits find Utah wonderfully exotic for some reason.

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