Series 6 and 7 To Be Shot At Same Time?

Posted by: Dr. Geek

Well, here is a bit of news I thought I should post right away.

According to this news report, Steven Moffat will split the next story arc over two series.

The above link contains a lot of news about several different shows, here is the relevant part:

Looking at the next series I thought what this show needs is a big event in the middle.–

I kept referring to a mid-season finale. So we are going to make it two series—seven episodes at Easter building to an earth-shattering climax, a cliffhanger we could never normally do because it would be too long before it came back. An enormous game-changing cliffhanger that will change everything.–

The wrong expression would be to say we are splitting it in two. We are making it two separate series.–

So what do you think it will be?

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  1. Erik  September 2, 2010

    Looks more like with will be season 6 part 1 and season 6 part 2 than two really separate ones, especially as they won’t be 13 episodes each. Mostly looks like he wants to do a massive cliffhanger and make us suffer over the summer. :-)

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  2. Dr. Geek  September 2, 2010

    Good point, Plus I would hate for Matt Smith to burn through his three year contract so quickly. Of course they could always renew it.

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  3. Erik  September 2, 2010

    He BETTER not burn through it too quickly!!

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  4. Dr. Geek  September 2, 2010

    I think he has worked out really well so here is hoping…. I get the impression he will probably stay as long as Moffat so that will probably be a few series no matter how many ways you slice it.

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