Review of The Age of Steel (10th Doctor)

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Review of The Age of Steel (10th Doctor)
The Age of Steel (part 2 of 2) - Episode 2.6

Well, here you are, part two. One of the surprises of this episode is: I don’t want Rose’s outfit. (Okay, so I wouldn’t mind a pair of her boots.) Another is what happens when the Doctor is backed into a corner, as it were. Let’s discuss.

Episode: The Age of Steel by Tom MacRae
Rating (1 to 5): 4.5
Baddie: Cybermen and John Lumic
Rose is trapped: In a parallel world with The Doctor, Mickey, and Parallel Parents (and briefly in the factory)
The Doctor is trapped: In a parallel world with Rose and Mickey (and Rickey) (and briefly in the factory)
The Doctor enjoys: Parking wherever he likes. Hot Dogs.
The Doctor dislikes: Cybermen
The Doctor apologizes to: The Cyberman who’s inhibitor he and Mrs. Moore broke and another cyberman later.
Doctor-y Strangeness: His weapon of choice – the TARDIS power cell.
Scary Stuff: The Cyber Conversion process and Cybermen…and those blinky earpods.
Torchwood? Not that I saw/heard, but they mentioned it twice last time.
Does someone local help out? Local Pete, Rickey, Jake, and Mrs. Moore
What we learn: It’s best not to make The Doctor your enemy. Cybermen started on another planet in our universe. Rose leaves her phone behind.
My Favorite Bits: The Doctor taking out the Cybermen that have them surrounded. Mickey sort of becoming Rickey after Rickey dies. The bit where they all split up. “Who needs family? I’ve got the whole world on my shoulders.” Mrs. Moore (aka Angela Price) is just cool. “I’d call you a genius except I’m in the room.” “Send.” Mickey saves the day!

Observations and musings:

Rose loses Mickey in this episode, and the parallel Jackie. Parallel Peter doesn’t accept her as his daughter even when she explains who she is. A hard episode on her all around. You can’t say that Rose isn’t brave, though. She walks right into the factory with Pete, even knowing that she could die trying to save Jackie. It’s a good thing that The Doctor lands right in the Tyler’s living room at the end. Rose really needed a hug from her mum.

The Doctor kills a bunch of Cybermen in this episode. In general, it seems that The Doctor tries not to kill…unless there is someone/something threatening the Earth or his friends. Sycorax, for example. Okay, so he has been known to kill a baddie or two. I liked his reminder to not make him your enemy. This is always a good thing to remember. Lets see. He killed some cybermen, escaped, infiltrated the base (losing Mrs. Moore in the process), got captured, killed some more Cybermen (with Mickey’s help), escaped (with Mickey’s help), helped Pete to kill the Cyber-Controller, escaped, and left with Rose (and his suit that Mickey found for him). Yep, I think that about covers it this episode. He was a bit busy.

Mickey came into his own in this episode. When Rickey died Mickey just sort of slipped into the empty space left behind. (Mind you, if the deleted scene is anything to go by, he may not be picking up entirely where Rickey left off.) He decided that he just couldn’t compete with The Doctor for Rose’s affections, and there was work to do in this new world. So he stayed behind, but he left with The Doctor’s goodwill. Mickey did save the day after all. I like this episode, so it makes it difficult for me to take notes on…as I get a bit too wrapped up in watching it. :) (Have I mentioned that I have Tom MacRae’s autograph?) Mrs. Moore was a brilliant character. She made a real difference and died saving the world. Those ear pods creeped me out. I can’t look at those bluetooth ear phone things the same way now. Especially the ones that blink blue. *shiver*

Well, I guess that’s about it. I hope that you enjoyed this review. What did you think of the episode?

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