Review of Rise of the Cybermen (10th Doctor)

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Review of Rise of the Cybermen (10th Doctor)
Rise of the Cybermen (part 1 of 2) - Episode 2.5

This was quite the two-parter, wasn’t it? It set up the possibility for things that were to come later. So, let’s get to discussing!

Episode: Rise of the Cybermen by Tom MacRae
Rating (1 to 5): 3.5
Baddie: Cybermen and John Lumic
Rose is trapped: In a parallel world with The Doctor, Mickey, and Parallel Parents
The Doctor is trapped: In a parallel world with Rose and Mickey (and Rickey)
The Doctor enjoys: TARDIS power cells that cling to life.
The Doctor dislikes: Cybermen and perishing TARDISes
The Doctor apologizes to: Rose
Doctor-y Strangeness: The Doctor recharging the TARDIS power cell with part of his lifespan.
Scary Stuff: The Cyber Conversion process and Cybermen
Torchwood? “in other news, the Torchwood Institute…” “Stevie, how’s things? How’s it going at Torchwood?”
Does someone local help out? Local Pete, Rickey, Jake, Mrs. Moore
What we learn: The TARDIS has oxygen masks that drop down in the event of a crash. Rose thinks that Zeppelins are beautiful. Pete Tyler is still alive in this parallel world, but Rose…is a dog. Oh, and Jackie is not a nice person. Parallel Great Britain has a president. You used to be able to pop between realities before the Time Lords died. The Doctor gave away 10 years of his life to recharge the TARDIS power cell. Mickey was raised by his Gran. If you want to know what’s going on, work in the kitchen.
My Favorite Bits: The Oxygen masks. “-Did that hurt? -Yes.” The Doctor digging for the TARDIS power cell. Rickey’s Gran. Rose’s jealousy about “Lucy.” The Doctor and Rose finding each other across the room and going to the window.

Observations and musings:

Rose is faced with a quandary. Her father is alive in this universe, but he isn’t really *her* Dad. So, The Doctor is worried that she will wander off and do something rash. Convenient, then, that Pete might have some information that they need, isn’t it? Gotta love the way that The Doctor gave in after he learned this…and Rose smiled at him. Mind you, I think that she might smack him for making her work in food service again. Oh, and for laughing about Rose being a dog in that universe. Too bad that her “Mum” is so stuck up. Pete’s nice though, and he still reacts to Rose like he knows her.

The Doctor and Rose aren’t treating Mickey very well in the beginning, are they? Mind you, this is quite typical behavior for The Doctor, but it does lead one to wonder how long it has been since the last episode. And we learn that there is just no contest when it comes to choosing who to follow. The Doctor will always choose Rose. Trust The Doctor to find a computer in this situation. The whole lot of them end up surrounded by Cybermen. The Doctor has seen this before in our universe, hopefully he has a trick up his sleeve.

Mickey really does a great job this time around. While The Doctor is freaking out about being lost in the void, he just pops outside to have a look. Also, he quite easily figures out that they are in a parallel world. “You can only chase after one of us…” The Doctor doesn’t know much about Mickey, does he? Poor fellow, stuck with a bunch of gun-toting folks. John Lumic does that steepled fingers thing that is quite common to baddies, I see. The Lion Sleeps Tonight!?! Well, this episode was mostly back story and build up. If they survive deletion, I will likely have more to say next week.

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