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The picture above is courtesy of my Evil Twin. Doesn’t he look good in a fez? Fezes are cool!

…And now I will attempt to clear out some of the tabs I have open in my browser:

  • For those of you who haven’t heard: RTD won a Hugo! “Best Dramatic Presentation, Short Form: Doctor Who: “The Waters of Mars” Written by Russell T Davies & Phil Ford; Directed by Graeme Harper (BBC Wales)” (find the other winners here.) I’m thinking it’s his turn. What about you all?
  • Check out this TARDIS made of LEGOs. Reportedly, it lights up and everything. Well…not everything. It does not yet travel in time…nor does it seems to be larger on the inside. Give the guy time. I’m sure he’ll figure it out.
  • Want to know more about Torchwood’s new season? Check out this article. Apparently, “…the more you learn about Torchwood, the less you know.” Interesting.
  • Have you ever pondered what you’d have in your dream TARDIS? These folks have. I’d just take one like The Doctor’s. I’ll be in the wardrobe room if anyone needs me.
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  1. Dr. Geek  September 9, 2010

    Hey maybe the powers that be are using the Dream Tardis idea to figure out what new set to build? I would be in the library.

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