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How to build a Dalek

I came across this article earlier this week, and I could not believe it. Apparently, back in the day, a fan contacted the BBC and requested help in their quest to build their own Dalek. This is not unusual, sci-fi fans have always wanted a piece of their favorite show, but what was so remarkable is the fact that not only did the BBC respond, they created a booklet for the fan on how to build a Dalek. All they asked was that he not sell the Daleks he made.

This blew me away, it would be like having a Trek fan in the late ’70s asking Paramount for help to build a model of the Enterprise for their Super 8 fan film and having the production team send him the plans they were using for the upcoming film.

This is even more cool when you consider that back when the BBC responded to this fan, Lucas was still selling lightsabers that more closely resembled orange flashlights than the lightsaber from his franchise. It would nearly take another ten years before a close to screen accurate prop would be commercially available.

If you want to see the official Dalek plans, visit the above linked article.

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