Review of New Earth (10th Doctor)

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Review of New Earth (10th Doctor)
New Earth - Episode 2.1

Welcome to the review for the first episode of series 2, New Earth. Now that the new season is over, I’m catching up on reviews from back when. This may have something to do with Who Withdrawal Syndrome. Possibly.

Episode: New Earth by Russell T. Davies
Rating (1 to 5): 3.5
Baddie: Cassandra (and Chip), Sort of The Cat Nuns and their “Flesh”
Rose is trapped: in her own body when taken over by Cassandra, then in the Hospital when it’s under Quarantine.
The Doctor is trapped: in his own body when taken over by Cassandra, then in the Hospital when it’s under Quarantine.
The Doctor enjoys: Hospital shops, Traveling with Rose, Impossible, he seems to enjoy The Disinfectant, new species
The Doctor dislikes: The idea of something happening to Rose, Hospitals without a shop
The Doctor apologizes to: The first “Flesh” patient he sees. Chip.
Doctor-y Strangeness: Zooming down the lift shaft…without destroying his inner thigh.
Scary Stuff: Diseased zombie people who can kill you with a touch. eek!
Does someone local help out? Cassandra helps out a little, but mostly against her will.
What we learn: New New York is the 15th New York. The Doctor doesn’t like hospitals. The Face of Boe is thousands of years old (or perhaps millions.) Cassandra is now using the skin from the back of her body. The rest of Boekind became extinct long ago. There is a legend that The Face of Boe will impart his great secret just before his death to The Lonely God. The mind is a delicate thing.
My Favorite Bits: The Doctor fiddling with the console at the beginning. The Doctor and Rose hanging out on his coat in the apple grass. “-At last I can be revenged on that little… -Bit rich coming from you.” The Disinfectant. “I’m a chav!” Bouncy castle. “Still got it.” “Give her back to me.” Cassandra!Doctor. “The Doctor is in” “That is textbook enigmatic.”

Observations and musings:

Rose begins her transformation in this episode that we see continue throughout the second series. When she ends up in the basement and encounters a stranger who calls her by name, she picks up a weapon just in case. She is more willing to look at things on her own, to take charge of a situation. Too bad that she has to deal with Cassandra. Good to know that Rose has the right mindset about the human race moving forward. I wonder how long it has been since the Christmas Invasion. I mean, her hair is different and all. It sort of feels like they’ve been on a couple of adventures in between, and have come home for a visit. It doesn’t really look like winter any more, either. *shrug*

When did The Doctor have “it” that he believes he’s still got it? *giggle* Well, in this episode we see once more The Doctor’s new brand of anger, and furthermore his insistence that everyone keep to his moral code. If he doesn’t like something, it should be changed. It’s a bit arrogant, really. I mean, I agree with him, but “If you want to take it to a higher authority, there isn’t one”? The Lonely God indeed. Good thing that he can be very very calm when the situation calls for it. He’s a bit insistent that Rose be safe, isn’t he?

You can still see “Wolf” on the blacktop at the beginning of the episode. So, New Earth is in galaxy M87? Well, here are some pics from M87 courtesy of The Hubble Site:Picture 1, Picture 2, Picture 3, Picture 4, and Picture 5. I love how Cassandra!Rose leads with her chest. The whole “pass it on” Doctor bouncy thing was a bit over the top. What did you think of the episode? I’ll see you again next week for Tooth and Claw.

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