Littleradge Does Mr. Blue Sky

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One of the songs from the Tenth Doctor playlist I did a while back is Mr. Blue Sky by the Electric Light Orchestra, otherwise known as ELO. Said song was played in the Doctor Who series two episode Love & Monsters. So, I figured what better way to remind folks about this song than with a fellow who looks like a young David Tennant (and is very tired of hearing about it…Sorry Liam) in a video where he listens to Mr. Blue Sky in a silly fashion on a train? Yep. He’s lip-syncing. I love the way he’s cut the video together.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with Littleradge (and really, what internet-less cave have you been living in?), he lives in Edinburgh and loves making YouTube videos. So, that means that in addition to looking like David Tennant, he also sounds quite like him. Different region of Scotland, but Scotland nonetheless.

The Night Train
Littleradge and Mr. Blue Sky

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