Gallifreyan Invasion

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Remember the days when only you and your closest friends knew what Doctor Who was? Remember when the only way you could get Doctor Who Merchandise in the United States was when the local PBS station was running a pledge drive? Well those days are long since gone, and now items connected with the Last of the Time Lords can be found everywhere.

I came across this mug. Okay so it is not as interactive as the old PBS incentive mugs that use to have the TARDIS “disappear” whenever hot beverages were used, but you have to give them credit for creating such a detailed replica of the 11th Doctor’s TARDIS.

Finally it appears The Doctor has decided to go to grad school here in the US. His TARDIS was seen at MIT. Check out this article.

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Dr. Geek holds two doctorate degrees and is an archaeologist and an attorney who has done extensive research on myths and their impact on modern archaeology and modern storytelling. He appreciates the history and mythology woven together in the Doctor Who shows.


  1. Whochick  August 26, 2010

    Oh yeah! My boss actually showed this to me yesterday. I think that it’s evidence of me being a bad influence on the others here at work.

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  2. Dr. Geek  August 26, 2010

    Or perhaps a very good influence :)

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