Favorite Big Finish Doctor Who Adventure?

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So how many of our readers also enjoy the Doctor Who audio adventures from Big Finish?
I have been a big fan since a friend gave me a subscription to the main monthly Doctor Who Range as a birthday present. I was so hooked I have made sure to renew the subscription ever since. I believe I have gone off about Big Finish before, but for the new visitor to this site, the reason I like the product so much is because it is as advertised, Classic Doctors in New Adventures.

The style of story telling has evolved since the first few adventures but what they have settled on recently is, to my mind, a perfect balance between the classic series and the new series. The plots are at times just as confusing as the original series but the pacing has picked up to meet the needs of a modern audience.

I have listened to all the main range adventures, all the special mini adventures, such as the Maltese Penguin, and all the 8th Doctor Adventures. Truly I am hard pressed to find a favorite. I guess I would say I liked the R101 story with The 8th Doctor and Charlie, and surprisingly I have really enjoyed the Sixth Doctor adventures since that incarnation was allowed to mellow out a bit. Colin Baker has really made the Big Finish medium his own.

So what was your favorite adventure? Why of all them was that the one?

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  1. Llois  November 1, 2013

    Love and War. Fantastic adaption of a fantastic story. Great cast, long story but it never drags on. I really hope they adapt more VNAs in the future.

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