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It’s happened again. But first…a bit of fun at this years’ Proms.

Doctor Who: Trouble at the Albert
Proms 2010

Now, I have a whole bunch of tabs open that I’ve been storing up to post here. So, let’s get started, shall we?

  • Remember how Neil Gaiman is writing an episode of Doctor Who Season 6? Well, Matt Smith has read it…and he says, “Oh, lord!” Um…is it season 6 yet? If you would like to see a bit of the script that hasn’t made it to the final draft, look here.
  • I’m sort of sad that I didn’t have a Doctor Who-themed wedding like these folks did. (If you’re curious, my wedding had a bit of LOTR to it, with a dash of Babylon 5.)
  • So…ever hear about the infamous naked pictures Katy Manning (Third Doctor Companion Jo Grant) took with a Dalek? (If you ask here about them she says, “It was the 70s, darling.”) Well…it’s NSFW, but you can see one here.
  • It seems that Starz has released a bit more information about Torchwood: The New World. Check it out here. I’ll admit to being curious…
  • Go Daleks! They’ve been voted the greatest Sci-fi monsters of all time. (Have any of the other monsters gone missing recently? Perhaps they’ve been exterminated.)
  • Look for the Doctor Who-related dates on this Sci-fi timeline. Or…just browse the thing and look for your most obscure fandom.
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