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The first part of this video is a Doctor Who skit that was filmed for the show French and Saunders on 25 January 1987. It features George Layton as The Doctor, and French and Saunders as Silurian guards. It was never transmitted, according to the notes on the video, but it apparently appears as one of the extras packaged with The Curse of Fatal Death spoof written by none other than a certain Steven Moffat. Perhaps you’ve heard of him? Now, if only we could get Dawn French or Jennifer Saunders to play a part on Doctor Who. I bet they’d love it. They’ve made several references to the show in stuff they’ve done over the years after all. Just one thing, though. Do those “pods” in this video look a bit phallic to anyone else? No? Oh. Just me then.

After the French and Saunders skit is a another Doctor Who spoof from Victoria Wood As Seen on TV. This skit was transmitted in 1987, and according to the notes on the video, Jim Broadbent plays The Doctor. If you include his turn as The Doctor in The Curse of Fatal Death, he has played the part in at least two instances. Unfortunately for him, he seems to encounter rather unhelpful energy in both cases. Poor fellow. This spoof is also one of the extras packaged with The Curse of Fatal Death. I really need to get a copy of that DVD.

One French and Saunders Doctor Who Skit and One Victoria Wood Doctor Who skit (Sorry, embedding was disabled.)

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