Article 7: Freaky Space Fish of Venice

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Article 7: Freaky Space Fish of Venice
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Article 7 is up! So, if you would like to listen to my sexy “I have a cold” voice while Scott and I discuss Vampires of Venice, be sure to start that download.

Incidentally, we have already recorded the next one, so hopefully it won’t be too long before that one is up, too. I hope that the USA-based folks enjoy the last episode of the series this Saturday. (Unless you are at Comic Con. Then…enjoy the episode, but I’m not talking to you right now. Except for Ken who is bringing me back a t-shirt. Yes. I am bribe-able it seems.)

We haven’t really gotten any feedback so far (though the computer stats tell me that folks are downloading the podcasts), so if you have a polite word or two for us, feel free to comment. We are also accepting squees and expressions of devotion at this time.

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