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Here are a few newsbytes, etc. that I’ve run across (spoilers may be involved…tread carefully):

  • Meet The Eleventh Doctor: Matt Smith – (It seems that to prepare for the role, Matt Smith wrote… fanfic. “I wrote loads of stories about the Doctor and Einstein in Egypt – that’s how the pyramids were created,” Smith explains excitedly…)
  • 11 Lords A-Leaping: Doctor Who A-Z – (Pretty much what it sounds like…)
  • You can watch a bunch of videos on The new Who (many of which I’ve posted here) at BBC America.

A certain frequent commenter here has written a review of Doctor Who season one. You can read it here. (Thanks, Oh Evil Twin!)

A long time ago, on a different blog, I linked to a rather amusing Doctor Who-related comic strip. Well, now it’s a t-shirt, and I want one.

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