The Doctor Will See You Now – A Reaction to the Eleventh Hour

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The Doctor Will See You Now – A Reaction to the Eleventh Hour

Can it be? After all this time do we actually have a new episode?

Yes, everything is new. New Doctor, New Companion, New TARDIS, New Titles, New Music …..
Join me to hear my reactions to this much anticipated new story.

Spoiler Alert!

Okay, I guess the best place to begin with is the beginning. The new title sequence and the new theme music. To be honest I was waiting for The Doctor’s face to appear during the credits, and I was a bit disappointed that of all the rumors that turned out to be true, this one was in fact false. So when I was watching the episode the first time, I was too distracted to give the new titles a fair shake. Upon re-watching the episode, I think the new titles will grow on me. My friend Chris from Talking During Movies said the new titles reminded him of a ship lost at sea. I agree and I also agree that this works pretty well for a time machine that tends to get lost in time a lot.

As for the new theme? I am not sure. I do not know what I was expecting but I am not sure I was expecting this. Its not bad by any means and thank god Murray Gold desided to do more than just “add more drums”. So far I have heard reactions to the new theme that range from “its rubbish” to something very similar to what my friend Chris had to say.

I LIKE it!! Very Electronica, Very Danny Elfman (with the chorus and all.) It has the faster, more energetic beat done in a choppy robotic staccato. I love the ending, I love the singers all climbing up to the same note and holding it. On my EQ waveform you can see that one frequency slam to the top! Talk about a sonic device! It seems full of excitement and wonder and adventure and dash-it-all isn’t that what Doctor Who is supposed to be all about?

I think right at the moment I am caught in between the two camps. Whereas The 2nd Doctor and 7th Doctor are “my Doctor” the theme I think of most when it comes to Doctor Who comes from the late 4th-6th Doctor era. This theme has a lot in common with that one, but somehow I think this version is too busy somehow, and only really becomes recognizable as a Doctor Who theme around the familiar middle eight. I do have to take a moment though and praise the BBC for posting the full one minute version of the theme on the official website. Good for them for realizing fans wanted to hear it and that we would not be satisfied with waiting for the official CD release.

I love Murray Gold’s music for the series. I think his best theme came in the form of the Album version of the 9th-10th Doctor theme. The modifications since have just in my mind botched that fine piece of music. This version is good, and in 12 more episodes I am sure I will think it is even better.

So moving on, The Doctor is great, and that is saying something for an episode where he is still “cooking”. Thankfully this post regeneration episode spared us the typical amnesia. Oh and once again I could make a Doctor Who costume from what I have in my closet. I have to agree Bow ties are cool. I can not wait to see how the 11th Doctor develops once the newness of his regeneration wears off.

Amy Pond … Awesome. The two actresses created a character that I hope is going to stick around for more than a year. She has all the qualities one would want in a Doctor Who Companion and her introduction was very clever. It created a history with The Doctor in such a way that her first official trip in the TARDIS will allow them to hit the road running.

New TARDIS …. Very nice, very steampunk, and I even like how The Doctor thanked the TARDIS for replacing the sonic screwdriver. Clearly The TARDIS is the love of his life. Is this the series where we get to explore the other rooms of the TARDIS???? I hope so.

So what of the story you ask? Well it is basically a combination of The Girl in the Fireplace and The Christmas Invasion. Normally I would bristle at the fact that I could see those similarities so quickly, but I think that post regeneration episodes, especially when there is a whole new team at the wheel, have a LOT to do. So the fact that this episode may not have been the most original, I think can be forgiven. For what it was, everyone did a great job. They spent the time on Amy and The Doctor as they should have here, and the overall plot, like The Christmas Invasion was by design something The Doctor could dispatch in minutes if only he was feeling well.

So what did you think of this episode?

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