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WonderCon was very busy and that isn’t generally my thing, but for Doctor Who I drive to Los Angeles by myself yearly. So, off to San Francisco and a ruddy great crowded Con I went…with my family in tow, no less. Yes. My Mum, Dad, Brother, and Husband. Of the lot, I’m the only one with two boxes of comic books in my closet (WonderCon is a Comic Book convention…technically.) Only my Husband and myself had ever been to a Con before. Witness the power of Doctor Who!

Once we were seated in the auditorium, (and after a quick viewing of the trailer) the fellow from BBC America did his spiel, and then we saw a greeting from Matt and Karen specifically filmed for this showing. And then…the show began and the audience went a bit insane for a moment.

Stand by for my usual brand of disjointed reactions…below the fold.

Spoiler Alert!

And we start with a bang. Literally. The Doctor falls through the sky and thud. Or rather…splash. Good job he didn’t fall out of the TARDIS or have an unfortunate accident with Big Ben. Big Ben has been through enough.

I liked the new theme and title sequence. Nice to see that the rumors of Matt Smith’s face appearing in the sequence are unfounded. I even like the new logo. :)

Poor Amelia Pond. I wonder what happened to her parents. And if her Aunt has died and left her the house at this point. Perhaps not, though, as she’s mentioned later. Not much of a guardian, was she? Obviously, seven-year old Amelia can take care of herself. She can cook and all. (Fish custard??) Quite the brave little lady…with a scary crack in her wall. The praying to Santa bit was interesting. But her prayer was answered, wasn’t it? And The Doctor did fix the crack, even if he had to run off right afterward.

Poor Doctor. Not given enough time to rest while regenerating. Is it any wonder that he got the time wrong? Okay. The five minutes thing can be explained by the engine issue and him not being in top form. That extra two year thing? I’m thinking that might be another example of his…shall we say…bad driving? Twelve months instead of twelve hours ring any bells? It also reminded me of Madame de Pompadour, actually. Childhood friend and time jumps and such, you know. Mind you, Steven Moffat wrote both episodes, so perhaps it’s not too strange that there are echoes.

Grown up Amy is a Kiss-o-gram? Oh my. And it was interesting how everyone kept recognizing “The Raggedy Doctor” from Amy’s childhood drawings and such. She even made her friend dress up as him when they were young. Tee hee. Cosplay. And she’s run off with him at last…on the night before her wedding. I’m not really surprised. She did wait for him all this time after all.

The Doctor seems to still be a bit rude, yeah? He just keeps running off with people’s stuff and barging in places. Snatches Rory’s cell phone. Barges in to Jeff’s bedroom and appropriates his laptop. (Get a girlfriend! *giggle*) Borrows the fire engine. And this is the third time he’s stolen clothing to wear from a hospital after regenerating. Getting to be quite a habit with him, isn’t it? Oh! And the look on Amy’s face was priceless when The Doctor was changing. Not turning around, eh, Amy?

I wonder what Prisoner Zero did that was bad enough the Atraxi (?) thought they’d have to destroy the planet just to make sure they got him. And seriously? What was with that eye? It was sort of like a Beholder from Dungeons & Dragons or Sauron’s eye from the Lord of the Rings, come to think of it. Interesting how it could be part of a spaceship…and talk without a mouth.

Of course, The Doctor saves the day in twenty minutes as he stated he would, with some help from his new friends. (Interesting new device, the Doctor backtracking over what he’s seen. It makes you see that he really does see a lot more than a human would.) The aliens run off, but that’s not good enough. He phones them up, then scares them away. “Basically…run.” And run they do. He’s not from this world, but he’s put a lot of work into it. Don’t mess up all of his work, now.

Loved the new interior. Very steampunk. What about that typewriter, eh? Yeah, we may not have seen some new rooms in this episode, but at least they have mentioned them. Library, pool, and the wardrobe. The pool is currently AWOL, but it will turn up. Maybe in the wardrobe.

I’ve heard that there are a few things in this episode that will prove significant in the series. I wonder what, apart from the cracks in the Universe, the uh…Pandoricom? (was that what Prisoner Zero said?), and the coming silence we must be taking notes on. What do you think?

I’m sure that I’m forgetting things. But that’s about it. I’m really looking forward to the rest of the series. The Doctor is in!

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  1. Courtney S.  April 4, 2010

    I got the feeling the nonsense that Prisoner Zero was talking about at the end was going to be a theme for the season–kind of like “bad wolf” for season one. Also, I think Amy’s missing parents are going to have to be dealt with before she leaves like Rose’s dead dad was. Certainly not in the exact same manner, but any person whose parents are gone and/or crap who lives in a time machine is going to think about what they could do to ameliorate the whole situation.

    Didn’t you love the Amy/Amelia debate? I wonder if that will come up again.

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  2. whochick  April 4, 2010

    I’m right there with you, Courtney. And yeah, I’ll bet that the Amy/Amelia thing will come up again.

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