Article 3: Now in DoctorVision!

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Article 3: Now in DoctorVision!
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We’ve got another podcast done at last! You can get Article 3 here. In this article we discussed The Eleventh Hour and the beginning of the new series in general. We also talked about Rory’s badge that you can see above. Personally, I think that the date on the badge is his birth date.

Hope that you enjoy the podcast.

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  1. Louis  December 8, 2012

    Hi there.
    Thanks for a great site. I’m watching season 5 and 6 before Season 7 airs here in South Africa.
    This is probably mentioned in one of your later posts, but I reckon that Rory the Roman, who waited 2000 years for Amy, aged really well, which explains his ID card photo. On the other hand he could not have been adult Rory whilst growing up With Amy. so the date is still a mystery to me.

    Once again thanks. I’m Loving the site

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