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So, I’ve been storing up a bunch of info and silliness in various tabs in my browser, and now it’s time to share it with you lot.

Are you sitting comfortably? Then we’ll begin…

  • New Who! You’ve seen the trailers. (There are four so far that I know of, and we’ve featured them here on the site.) Now, if you’re like Dr. Geek and myself, you are dying for the show to get started already. Well, in the UK it looks like the answer is “Easter 2010.” The Press Office has it listed as “Unplaced, Day and time to be confirmed, BBC ONE.” …But, for the record, Easter Sunday is April 4. So, I’d imagine that we’re looking at April 3 or 4 for the UK date. Steven Moffat seems to favor the third. Word is that in Australia series 5 is premiering on 18 April on ABC1 (thanks, Gillian!) but will actually be on iView two days earlier. Here in the US of A, BBC America will be showing the episode on April 17…but you can catch an earlier showing if you go to WonderCon in San Francisco on April 3, or Chicago’s C2E2 on April 16. Guess where I’ll be on the 3rd?
  • Did you know that William Hartnell trained as a jockey before deciding to ditch it in favor of acting? The BBC Press Office has a page of Doctor Who Statistics that you can find here. It’s more along the line of cool, facts, rather than stats.
  • The first New Who Trailer broken down for you: (thanks, powerhousechipmunk23 and er…Mrs. Geek for the heads up!)
Doctor Who Series 5
Press Launch Trailer | Broken Down

  • Another hat tip to Gillian for letting me know about this. It’s a rather amusing look at the various Doctors’ alignments as if they were RPG characters.
  • Have you heard about Chicks Dig Time Lords? It’s a book that’s currently on my wish list.
  • Another bit of silliness…the Doctor Who A-Team…
Doctor Who A-Team

Anyone else out there going to the WonderCon Doctor Who Showing?

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